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market is c▓ontrollable as the country has taken a string of prudential regulation policies, a central bank▓ official said Friday.Banks' bad loan rate related with the property sector is lower than the overall bad loan rate, Pan Gongsheng, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, told a press conferen

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ce on the sidelines of the first session of the 13th National People's Congress.Pan said ho▓using loans have maintained stable growth, outpacing the overall credit growth in 2017 and January, which are enough to meet the housing market's demand.He added that the mortgage rate rose a little bit a▓s a marke

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t-oriented move, but is still within a low range se▓en from the long term.China will urge commercial ban▓ks to take a differentiated approach in issuin▓g housing loans to offer more support to home buye▓rs, especially new urban residents, Pan said.The leve▓rage growth in individual loan is a ▓little fast and so

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ncial risks, which are being watched closely, he said.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatCapital market to open furtherCapital market to open furtherCapital market to open f▓urt

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her02-12-2018 13:00 BJTChina will accelerate▓ the opening of its capital market to foreign asset ▓managers and the market will likely ▓see a surge in new investment product▓s offered by foreign funds in the first quarter of ▓this year, accordi

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ng to a senior official of the Ass▓et Management Association of China.Rece▓nt stock market volatility and intensified regulation ▓to curb financial risks will not derail China's effort to reform and open its capital markets, and forei▓gn fund

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managers have expressed optimism regarding the ▓Chinese market's long-term prospects, the AMAC official ▓said."They will come with their mature investment strategies▓ and business models, which will bring h▓ealthy competition and benefit the long-term developme▓nt of the domestic sector," the official said.The growing af▓fluence of Chinese investors and their growing demand for increasingly sophistic

a▓ted investment products have attracted many global investment firms to China'▓s multi-trillion dollar asset management market.So f

ar, 10 foreign asset managers including▓ Fidelity Inter

  • Xinhua.Meanwhile, it will have a negative effect on
  • the stoc▓k markets because "investors will
  • worry that we're heading for a trade war and w
  • orry about the effect," said Levi▓ne, who has
  • worked at the U.S. Department of Stat▓e and Department
  • of Commerce, adding it also depends on how China
  • reacts."If China retaliates on a ver▓y large sc
  • ale, then the impact on the ▓American econo

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national, BlackRock, UBS, Man G▓roup, and Schroders are qualified to

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sell o▓nshore funds to Chinese clients, according to the AMAC.D

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espite last week's 9.6 percent fall in the Chine

ge dropped more than 700 points.Please scan the QR▓ Code to follow us on InstagramPleas▓e scan the QR Code to follow
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